COES S.r.l.

COES S.r.l.

COES S.r.l. is an Italy-based professional company engaged in the development and manufacturing of auxiliary system for industrial machines like compressors, motors, generators, turbines, with special focus to the design and production of lubricating oil systems.

COES bases its activity on over 40 years tradition in the production of twin towers plants for compressed gas.

The COES product range includes:

  • Lubrication oil systems for motors (heavy industry)
  • Lubrication oil systems for compressor trains (air separation, oil & gas)
  • Lubrication oil systems gas turbines, steam turbines, generators (power generation)
  • Complete consoles for lubrication, control and jacking oil supply

COES design and produce auxiliary skid units according to the specifications of main engineering companies, in the respect of international rules. Special focus is dedicated to the following industrial application:

  • Auxiliary skid for electro-generator
  • Cooling water systems
  • Seal gas units
  • Compressed air systems
  • Liquid fuel supply systems

COES shell & tube heat exchangers main applications are:

  • Lubrication oil cooling (single or twin unit construction)
  • Closed circuit water cooling (single or twin unit construction)
  • Inter-stage or after-stage gas or air cooling for compressors
  • Steam condenser unit (including condensate drainage and air extractor)
  • Fluid heater using thermal oil, water or steam as hot media

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